New: Try Teknor in a browser.

There is a new prototype for Teknor I’d love for you to try and this time you need _only_ your browser. Also: My offer to get FREE ART in return still stands!

Halls of Teknor is a 1-2 player dungeon crawler where a duo of mutant adventurers go in an underground maze in search for the tomb of the fabled robot god Teknor. There will be lots of robots, gear, loot, and leveling along the way. Yes you can play solo.

Honestly: This is mostly the same version with the same mini campaign as the one of some weeks ago. When I released that one I underestimated how many people didn’t have the money-costing app Tabletop Simulator (TTS). When the #1 feedback is “I haven’t even played it” something’s wrong. I now present to you Halls of Teknor in Tabletopia (TPA), a tabletop simulator with the added bonus of running games in a browser without installs.

The Free Art Part

Teknor is in a stage where I will take all the feedback I can get. Playing the campaign can take up a few precious hours so I’m happy to give something in return: Free Art by me. Human art. I’m an illustrator.

If that sounds like a a good deal then just fill in this Art Request form with what you like to have drawn and get playing. The form is just a little ‘Can I even draw this?’ filter. Your request is probably fine. After playing you can fill in this Feedback Form and I’ll get started on your drawing.

Rules and Tutorial

All of the game’s rules are described in this Rulebook.

I also made a tutorial video. It was made for the TTS version and TPA can’t do game saving so I made a progress sheet for when you take a break.

If you played the previous version (the one where I drew some art for you!) and just want to know what is different before you get started then I point you to this new only rules video and this new rules rulebook.

Playing and giving feedback:

Here is the Tabletopia version.

Here is the TTS version. Just subscribe to Teknor V9’s Steam Page. Then, in Tabletop Simulator, Select Teknor from the Workshop tab.

After playing until the last level (The Door Below) you will have feelings and opinions.  Go to this Feedback Form and tell me all.

Thanks for taking a look. I look forward to seeing all your art requests and hope to see you in the halls of Teknor!


Art request form

Feedback Sheet

Tabletopia version

TTS version


Tutorial Video

New rules only rulebook

New Rules Only Tutorial Video.

progress sheet