New: mini campaign and rulebook

We just released the first blind prototype for Halls of Teknor on TTS. It’s a crawler for 1-2 players whose heroes cooperate to delve into the tomb of a cybergod. You will encounter a maze of connected dungeons filled with traps, treasure, puzzles, and angry robots which you will battle in meaty push-your-luck dice combat.

Now we are looking for adventurers who would like to try a small campaign and write down their evaluation of it. You can play it in your own time and take as long as you like. After playing you can fill in the questionnaire anonymously if you like.

Wanna know more? Here is an explainer video.


Game Steam Page (If you sub to the steam page you can load the game in Tabletop Simulator.) If you do not use TTS send me a message and I will make it for Tabletopia.

Feedback form

We also have a small Discord server.

I’d love to hear what you are thinking! Cheers,