I draw for you if you game for me.

My search for player feedback has reached a new stage. Playing Teknor’s campaign all the way through can take a few hours stretched over multiple sessions and along with writing feedback that takes some commitment. I want to give something back for that. If you play my game past a certain point and provide feedback I’ll draw a free full colour piece of anything you like. Your favorite Transformer, your animal friend, a rendition of your own character. Anything you like.

How it works:

First: Send me message about what you’d like to have drawn. The play the game. When you make it out of ROTATOR MILL you can fill in the questionnaire. Send me a message when it’s done and I’ll start drawing. I keep my word.

Playing the campaign can take a while and it’s okay of you let things pass at any moment. You don’t have to notify me. I understand that time and energy are precious. However: If you made it out of the LOWER ENTRANCE I will also send a hand drawn paper sketch to anywhere you like.

Here is everything you need to get started. I drew the artwork below especially for the occasion. I hope to see you in the Halls of Teknor.