Try latest version

I’m still looking for people who would like to try Teknor and give me their opinion.  Below is all you need to try the latest version (V8).

There are two ways to try the game: Tabletopia (browser, free) and Tabletop Simulator. You can either learn the rules via the rulebook or by watching the tutorial video. I made a form with some questions about the topics which are my priority. Filling it in would benefit the game greatly. 

About Tabletop Simulator and Steam.

This link will take you to the game’s Steam Workshop Page. If you press the subscribe button you can boot TTS and from then on select the game when loading new games.

About Tabletopia

This link will take you to the topia version. The setup is a bit different in from the tutorial because topia does not support saving or rulebooks. The best way to play it is to have to rulebook ready in another tab. To record your progress you could print this page and note down your changes. It looks intimidating but chances are many of the fields will not be relevant during your sessions.


Tabletopia version
Steam Version
Tutorial Video
Progress sheet (only tabletopia)
Feedback Form
Teknor Discord (you can ask questions here)