Try latest version (V9)

Teknor is still looking for playtesters. You can get art in return.

If you never played before:

This is a 1 to 2 players dungeon crawler where you play a duo of adventurers navigating a maze with rusty robots while looking for the tomb of the fabled cybergod Teknor. You can play solo. Everything you need to know is shown in this tutorial video:

It was made for the Tabletop Simulator version. Tabletopia can’t do game saving so I made a progress sheet for when you take a break.

If you prefer reading or have deeper questions you can check this Rulebook.

If you played before:

If you played V8 then you have some sweet art done by me. This update is largely the same core game but with some interesting changes and upgrades! 

Robos now get Flipped and “Mad” when they are creeped on in the timeline. Treasure Decks are now divided into three tiers of rarity. The Treasure Roll multiplier is changed. Overkill now yields a loot coin for each point of excess damage. Weird damage terms have been simplified into ‘pre-damage’ and ‘damage’. More about that here:

If you prefer to read then you can also consult the New Rules Only Rulebook.

The Free Art part

Yes you can get art drawn by me. You’ll have to play the short campaign in Tabletop Simulator until the last level (The Door Below)) and fill in this feedback form. Before you get started, tell me what you’d like to have drawn via this form. The tutorials and link to the game are shown further down.

Playing and giving feedback:

Here is the Tabletopia version.

This prototype is also playable on Tabletop Simulator. You’ll have to subscribe to Teknor V9’s Steam Page. Then, in Tabletop Simulator, Select Teknor from the Workshop tab.

After playing and having feelings and opinions you can go to this Feedback Form and tell me all.

If you like to stay updated on the game you can consider subscribing to the newsletter. If you like to shine your light on my smaller design things you are very welcome in the Discord.

Thanks for taking a look. I look forward to seeing all your art requests and hope to see you in the halls of Teknor!


Art request form

Feedback Sheet

Tabletopia version

TTS version


Tutorial Video

New rules only rulebook

New Rules Only Tutorial Video.

progress sheet