Halls of Teknor is an upcoming dungeon crawler board game for 1 to 2 players. Play as a team of adventurers on a quest for the tomb of the fabled robot god Teknor. Enter an underground maze roamed by ancient machines. Fight them with meaty dice combat and rad power moves. Find loot, mysterious items, and upgradable gear. Take them to the surface or delve deeper to rack up your loot multiplier. Beware: if you die you lose all loot you have not brought back.

Explore and chart a dungeon designed by ancient robots.

The Halls of Teknor lie spread out over the pages of one mysterious flipbook. You do not know the way to the inner core and Teknor’s tomb or its hidden corners. Fight and chart your way using a map as the mechanical  maze unravels itself to you.

Pick when to take your turns

Teknor lets you choose where your heroes go in the turn order. You can even go as very first if you want. But beware: Every robot that gets bumped in the order grows mad! If you want to go sooner the enemies you’ll battle will be stronger too.

Investigate gear and mystery items

These halls are filled with mysterious trinkets. Take them back to the surface to have the expert shopkeeper inspect and identify them. Upgrade your gear in unforeseen ways! And then there’s all the mutanting: Leveling up will gave you strange new and random powers.

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